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27th Italian Organ Championship

Locality: Giulianova (Teramo) Region: Abruzzo
from: 26 July 2024
from: 28 July 2024

Caferza, with emotion and a hint of excitement, announce the arrival in Giulianova of the "27th Italian diatonic accordion and accordion championship". On 26,27 and 28 July our charming historic center will be ready to welcome a riot of music. Sala Buozzi will welcome the auditions of competitors from all over Italy, while Piazza Buozzi and Corso Garibaldi will be enriched with entertainment, popular dances, concerts, markets and street food. The passion for popular music and for the beloved "ddu' botte" is something that the folk group "i Caferza" from Giulianova has in its DNA and accepting the proposal of such an important organization, such as an Italian championship, it was a great challenge for Mirko and Diego! Thanks to the precious patronage and contribution of the Municipality of Giulianova, the Province of Teramo and the BIM Consortium of the Municipalities of Vomano and Tordino, the Caferzas have structured this event which will see the awarding of the Junior and Senior "Italian Champion" titles chosen by the commission appointed by the 'Italian Musical Association of Reed and Diatonic Instruments, “A. M.I. SA. D.”, among the competitors of the Organetto, Diatonic Accordion, Diatonic Accordion Plus sections and the title of “Italian Champion Over 50” among the competitors of the same section. A BIG thank you goes to all our sponsors who, believing in us, contributed to the event and the creation of a rich raffle. By supporting us, with just €2.00,you will give us a precious hand. And as those who know us well know: CAFERZA NEVER DISAPPOINTS! And as Franco Tancredi wrote: "It is Giulianove lu chiù belle site, the pearl of Abruzze that invites you! " We are waiting for you in our beloved pearl.

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