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Labirinto Horror Le Pagine Di SlenderMan

Locality: Medicina (Bologna) Region: Emilia - Romagna
from: 13 July 2024
from: 13 July 2024

Welcome to the disturbing and mysterious labyrinth of Slender Man, where only the most daring and reckless dare to venture. Within this dark maze, your task is to recover 12 pages scattered across the entire area. However, be careful, because in the darkness of the labyrinth your worst nightmares could come to life, testing your nerves and your survival. Will you dare to delve into this haunted terrain and discover if you have what it takes to face Slender Man! HOW TO REGISTER? You must send an email to the following address: ordini@associazionecreativa. It In the subject of the email write: SLENDERMEN LABYRINTH - "Team name" The data to be entered are: Desired time slot and a secondary one - Team name - Number of participants - Mobile number of a contact person who we could also use to contact you if necessary. PLOT: In a dark and dark labyrinth, Silence reigns supreme. A dim light flickers in the high wall, But then a scream pierces the wheat. The blood freezes, the horror is near, In the intense darkness, feel the destiny. You are not alone, eyes surround you, They look for you, escape their touches. Run if you have the strength, don't delay, But don't shout, don't be noticed. The light is forbidden, in the dark they hide, They want for themselves, everything they hear. Twelve pages you have to recover, For your life, you have to fight. Welcome to Slender Man's labyrinth, where terror is the air to breathe. HOW DOES IT WORK? GAME AND RULES: The game is very simple, you just have to have courage and explore all the areas within a time limit of 90 minutes, you can proceed as you see fit, you can split up or stay together; the important thing is to find and take a selfie with the 12 pages scattered throughout the game area. Each page has a letter engraved on it which, when joined together, forms the phrase: HELP ME PLEASE Bonus for those who find the thirteenth page with the exclamation point "! ". Please note: the participants will not be able to harm you in any way; therefore, please do not attack them in any way. THE LIGHT ATTRACTS THEM: The presences that inhabit the labyrinth are attracted by the light, walking around with the torch lit for long periods of time means that they will see you and look for you. Use flashlights only if necessary! PRIZES FOR THE FIRST PLACES PER TIME Slot: 1 bottle of wine + 2 gift vouchers for one of our next events (2 people enter, pay 1) EVENT COST: €15 per person for groups of more than 4.€18 per person for groups of less than 4.Over 65 & disabled free. Payment will be made directly on site. Minors or under 5 years of age: free. The price is per paying participant. TIME SLOTS: The game is divided into time slots, each hour will be divided into blocks of approximately 200 people where the teams will start along the route in stages to leave a bit of separation. The time slots are: 7pm - 8pm - 9pm - 10pm - 11pm ----------------- USEFUL TIPS: - Get a flashlight for the darkest hours. - We recommend that you come dressed as comfortably as possible. - You can take photos during your journey by “tagging us”. - This entertainment is conditioned by the weather. In case of bad weather, we will postpone the event. And it will be updated on this page. PLACE AND LABYRINTH: Corn Maze Crop Circles: the name of the Labyrinth means Crop Circles, and it is from this idea that the Crop Circles project was born which opens its doors in 2021 with an immediate objective: to entertain people. What makes the labyrinth fascinating is the visual and magical presence of the "Northern Cross" Radio Telescope, also among the 3 largest in Europe. Crop Circles is not limited to being a labyrinth but offers an elegant structure with BAR and tables, where you can organize parties, birthdays and ceremonies; Outside, however, there is a splendid garden where you can picnic or barbecue, also taking advantage of a gazebo. CATERING: There will be a food truck on site where you can order both drinks and food. The BAR will also serve drinks and snacks of various types. Telephone contact or whatsapp: 3383792523 or 3885657815 For more info read event on Facebook

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