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Pokemon Maze Mew's Secret | Crop Circles

Locality: Medicina (Bologna) Region: Emilia - Romagna
from: 3 August 2024
from: 3 August 2024

Welcome Pokemon trainers and enthusiasts, have you ever wondered how Mewtwo was born? What did the scientists and researchers who entered the dense vegetation in search of the DNA of Mew, first of all Pokemon, have to face? In this event, you will relive that epic and exciting adventure! Catch Them All! PLOT: You are part of the most important team of Pokemon researchers that has ever existed, through the studies of a very precious fossil you have managed to trace the geographical position where you believe you will find the Primordial Fossil, the one containing the DNA of the first of all Pokemon, MEW! Only by finding all the pieces of Mew's DNA will you be able to recreate it in the laboratory, giving life to Mewtwo. Enter the dense CropCircles Maze, search for Mysterious Fossils, and while you're there, catch as many Pokemon as possible. Become a LEGEND in the Pokemon world! HOW DOES IT WORK? GAME AND RULES: The game is very simple, before entering you will be provided with: a Pokedex Sheet containing all the data on the Pokemon present in the labyrinth. Various billboards called MYSTERIOUS FOSSIL will be scattered throughout the Labyrinth: their discovery is your main mission. Each MYSTERIOUS FOSSIL sign hides a part of a REBUS which, if solved, will allow you to reveal the mystery that surrounds MEW! Furthermore, scattered throughout the surface you will find X Pokemon also in the form of hardbacks. Your goal is to go through the entire maze and find as many as possible. HOW TO CATCH POKEMON: Simply photograph them "without moving them or touching them from the areas in which they are found" to testify that you have found it and tick the Pokemon on your Pokedex Sheet. HOW DO YOU WIN: The person who solves the MEW mystery in the shortest time possible wins. In the event of a tie, the player who has captured the most Pokemon along the way wins. PRIZES: The top 3 teams will be awarded: 1st Place: Lot of 250 Pokemon Cards + 2 Discount Coupons (enter 2 pay 1) for an upcoming event. 2nd Place: Lot of 150 Pokemon Cards + 1 Discount Coupon (enter 2 pay 1) for an upcoming event. 3rd Place: Lot of 100 Pokemon Cards + 1 Discount Coupon (enter 2 pay 1) for an upcoming event. NECESSARY EQUIPMENT: Torch - Cell phone "for taking photographs" - PEN/PENCIL - Clothing suitable for a journey in the countryside "comfortable shoes". TEAMS: from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 20.COST: The cost per participant is €15 for groups of 4 people or more. For smaller groups the cost is €18 each. Payment will be made directly on site. TIME SLOTS: The game is divided into time slots, the teams in each slot will start along the route in stages to create a bit of separation. The time slots are: 6pm - 7pm - 8pm - 9pm - 10pm HOW TO REGISTER: You must send an Email to the following address: amministrazione@associazionecreativa. It In the subject of the email write: LABYRINTH THE SECRETS OF MEW - "Team name" The data to be entered are: Desired time slot and a secondary one - Team name - Number of participants - Mobile number of a contact person who we could also use to contact you in case of need. Telephone and WhatsApp contacts: 3383792523 or 3885657815.USEFUL TIPS: - Get a flashlight. - We recommend that you come dressed as comfortably as possible. - You can take photos during your journey, please tag the page. - This entertainment is conditioned by the weather. In case of bad weather, we will postpone the event. And it will be updated on this page. PLACE AND LABYRINTH: Corn Maze Crop Circles: the name of the Labyrinth means Crop Circles, and it is from this idea that the Crop Circles project was born which opens its doors in 2021 with an immediate objective, to make people have fun in the labyrinth largest in Europe at 12 hectares. What makes the labyrinth fascinating is the visual and magical presence of the "Northern Cross" Radio Telescope, also among the 3 largest in Europe. Crop Circles is not limited to being a labyrinth but offers an elegant structure with BAR and tables, where you can organize parties, birthdays and ceremonies; Outside, however, there is a splendid garden where you can picnic or barbecue, also taking advantage of a gazebo. CATERING: There will be a food truck on site where you can order both drinks and food. The BAR will also serve drinks and snacks of various types.

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