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Magical Labyrinth The Deathly Hallows

Locality: Cesenatico (Forli-Cesena) Region: Emilia - Romagna
from: 10 August 2024
from: 10 August 2024

PLOT: Wizards and Witches of all time have heard the fairy tale that tells the story of 3 young wizard brothers who received 3 special gifts from Death himself: The Philosopher's Stone capable of bringing back those who are no longer there. The Elder Wand capable of generating the most powerful spells known. The Invisibility Cloak capable of not even making Death itself notice you. However, fairy tales are transpositions of reality and today at the invitation of Death you will go to the Labyrinth of the 3 Wizards Test where a challenge awaits you that will make you wizards worthy of the 3 gifts, but be careful in the labyrinth you will not be alone, Dementors attracted by your dreams will hinder you and those who have tried and failed before you will make your path difficult. Prepare your wand, get on your broom and prove that you are the most deserving and powerful wizards that history will remember! HOW TO REGISTER: you must send an Email to the following address: amministrazione@associazionecreativa. It In the subject of the email write: HARRY POTTER MAZE - "Team name" The data to be entered are: Desired time slot and a secondary one - Team name - Home team - Number of participants - Mobile number of a contact person. If you want to cancel you must be careful to inform us at least 1 week before the event so that we can put other teams back into play. HOW THE GAME WORKS: Groups/Teams: minimum of 2 to a maximum of 20 people. You will have to enter an 8 hectare labyrinth in search of the Deathly Hallows that are hidden there. Some of them will be easy to obtain, while for others you will have to overcome tests, riddles, duels and challenges of all sorts. HOW DO YOU WIN? To win you will have to recover how many Deathly Hallows, each gift has a particular final score. Time is as important a factor as finding all the gifts, so the less time it takes you to complete the maze, the more chance you have of achieving victory and the prize. Upon completion of the labyrinth you will have to go to the entrance to mark the time taken and show the recovered Gifts. PRIZES TO BE GIVEN: in addition to glory there will be various prizes up for grabs. PRIZES WILL BE UPDATED SOON SPECTERS OF WIZARDS: the specters of wizards who tried to cheat death to have one of his gifts, you will have to face them, each of them is weak to a single spell, the same one that made him infamous in his time, these will be present both on the event as a Post and on the same day as a billboard to photograph before departure. DEMENTATOR: while you walk carefree in the labyrinth, be careful because evil is always lurking in the shadows, dementors are hostile enemies who can make you waste precious time. HOME CUP: The scores of each individual team will also help the victory of their home team. There is no reward except the glory for the good name of the house. EVENT COST: €15 per participating person for groups of 4 or more, while for groups of less than 4 the cost is €18.Over 65 & disabled free. Payment will be made directly on site in cash. Minors or under 4 years of age: free. Telephone contact and Whatsapp: 3383792523 or 3885657815.TIME SLOTS: The game is divided into time slots, each hour will be divided into blocks of approximately 200 people where the teams will start along the route in stages to leave a bit of separation. The time slots are: 7pm - 8pm - 9pm - 10pm - 11pm USEFUL TIPS: - Get a flashlight. - We recommend that you come dressed as comfortably as possible. - You can take photos during your journey, please tag the page. - This entertainment is conditioned by the weather. In case of bad weather, we will postpone the event. And it will be updated on this page. WHAT IS A LABYRINTH: PLACE AND LABYRINTH: Podere Salmastro – Exitum for an educational, recreational and training experience in contact with nature in Sala di Cesenatico! In a beautiful corn field, an intricate and tortuous labyrinth has been created made up of paths and dead ends which, if taken calmly and with the right ability to observe, will lead you to the much-deserved exit. The route normally takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. The objective of this outdoor activity is not so much to find the exit but to enjoy for a moment a refuge from reality and everyday thoughts, giving you an exciting challenge and which will allow you, with friends and family, to experience contact with nature itself. The plantation has an area of ​​approximately 8 hectares. CATERING: Before leaving or after you will have the opportunity to refresh yourself at the stands of Podere Salmastro, where it will be possible to purchase artisanal piadina stuffed with cheese and cured meats or purchase various drinks, wine and local beer. Furthermore there is a space where you can rest among the hay bales, tables and chairs for god

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