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Harry Potter Castle – The M.A.G.O. Exam

Locality: Bagnara Di Romagna (Ravenna) Region: Emilia - Romagna
from: 30 September 2023
from: 30 September 2023

PLOT: Welcome! To the long-awaited Hogwarts off course course! In just one day you will have the opportunity to take the diploma in witchcraft and magic from the specialized institute of Hogwarts. The headquarters will be at the Rocca di Bagnara di Romagna, anyone with the courage and spirit to face the subjects and tests of magic is welcome! Are you brave? Powerful? Smart? Wings? We are waiting for you under the name of your team to receive the certificate that will certify you as authentic wizards or witches. Let the magic begin! GAME AND RULES: You will leave for a journey through the suggestive and magical Rocca di Bagnara di Romagna, each team will be supervised by a Professor of the School who will guide you in the castle and in the exam. Along the path that branches off throughout the castle, magical tests of various disciplines await you, if you pass them they will guarantee you the M. A.G. O. at the end of the path. HOW TO REGISTER: You have to send an email to the following address: riserva@associazionecreativa. It In the Subject of the Email write: CASTLE HARRY POTTER - "Team name" The data to be entered are: Desired time slot and a secondary one - Team name - Home of belonging - Number of participants - Mobile number of a contact person that we could also use to contact you in case of need. If you want to cancel, you must be careful to inform us at least 1 week before the event so that we can put other teams back into play. TEAMS: Minimum of 2,maximum of 8 per group (The participation of an adult is mandatory when the team has young children). TIME SLOTS: The game is divided into time slots, each hour will be divided into 4 blocks where the teams will leave along the course every 15 minutes to leave some gap. The time slots are: 15 – 16 – 17 – 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 – 23 "example: 19.00 - 19.15 – 19.45" COST: The cost per participant is €15 for groups of 4 or more. For smaller groups the cost is €18 per person. Payment will be made in cash directly on site. Over 65 & disabled free - Children under 5: free. WHAT DO YOU WIN? At the end of the course you will win the certificate which officially declares you expert wizards and witches. Whoever completes the course with the highest grades for individual tests wins, with a tie, you look at the time. VICTORY OF THE HOUSES: The scores of each single team will also help the victory of the house to which they belong. There is no prize but glory for the good name of the house. FIXED AT THE TOP of the event, an updated file will be available with the available time slots based on bookings. IN CASE OF BAD WEATHER: If the weather doesn't allow the event will be postponed to a later date, but if Dumbledore has taught us anything, just point a wand at the ceiling. Which occasionally plays tricks! LOCATION: The majestic fortress of Bagnara, built in the 15th century by the Riario and Sforza families, the lords of the time, on the ruins of the medieval castle built in 1354 by Barnabò Visconti. The original Rocca was the most important part of the fourteenth-century defensive system, although more modest and lower than the one currently visible, with two symmetrical towers, east and west, perfectly equal. A MAGICAL PLACE FULL OF HISTORY! Telephone contact and WhatsApp: 3383792523 or 3885657815.We ask you to read the following points carefully: – The itinerary in the Castle is structured for ALL FANS from 0 to 100 years old: for all those who want to abandon all thoughts and enter a magical world. – Children under the age of 15 cannot enter alone, but must always be accompanied by a participating adult. Look for the event on Facebook!

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