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Locality: Brisighella (Ravenna) Region: Emilia - Romagna
from: 1 October 2023
from: 1 October 2023

A magical-esoteric kermesse will be held. Fortune tellers, necromancers, astrologers, magic, esotericism, astrology, tarot cards, divinatory arts, esoteric products, paranormal, natural nutrition, natural cosmetics, alternative medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, pranotherapy, chromotherapy, crystal therapy, music therapy, herbal medicine, specialized publishing, mineralogy and all the magical, esoteric arts that derive from tradition. Thematic exhibitions: Exhibition of paintings by important artists related to tarot and the magical world in general; - Conferences and meetings: book presentations and meetings related to mystery, fantasy. •Divination (tarot-cards-pendulum-hand-coffee grounds-iris-ching, shells). •Paranormal. •Natural products. •Medieval demonstrations. •Cosplayers (Photoset fantasy). •Exhibition of crafts and objects, black and goth fashion. An evening in which to know different divination techniques through the cards, the symbolic stones, the cards of Romagna, the Tarot.

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