Short-circuit - Prove Collaudo Argot Studio

Locality: Rome Region: Lazio
from: 21 October 2021
from: 4 November 2021

This is not a theater season. It has now been a year and a half since the pandemic emergency has drastically changed our lives. Especially those of the live show, where we were forced to highlight words such as social distancing - gathering - avoiding contact, all essential conditions for making the theater exist. Despite this, we did not give up and like Argot we faced a great change, continuing to communicate to our audience and to tell what the theater of tomorrow would be like. We reopened the space in June 2020 and converted the Argot room into a small production center where 10 new shows were produced between 2020 and 2021,with great protagonists of the contemporary scene including: Lodo Guenzi and Nicola Borghesi; Margherita Vicario and the Multiethnic Orchestra of Arezzo; Vanessa Scalera; Chiara Francini; Roberto Ciufoli; Donatella Finocchiaro, Antonia Truppo and Claudia Potenza; Isabella Ragonese and Lucia Calamaro. In the 2021-2022 program Casa Argot will still remain an open and crossable space in which the Argot Production will continue to develop new projects, expanding and intensifying the collaboration with Infinito Produzioni di Pierfrancesco Pisani and Isabella Borettini and interacting with some of the most important Italian structures such as MET - Metastasio Theater in Prato, Spazio Tondelli - Riccione Award, Teatro della Toscana Foundation, Amat_Association of the Marches Theater Activities. And he will present 3 of his new creations to the Roman public: Il Bambolo, an original text by Irene Petra Zani, interpreted by Linda Caridi under the direction of Giampiero Judica, is yet another challenge in the field of contemporary dramaturgy, to which Argot has always turned its attention. After the success of its summer debut at the Todi Festival 2021 and at the Trame d’Autore review by Outis at the Piccolo in Milan, it will finally be presented to the Roman public. ET - The incredible story of Elio Trenta still an original and unpublished dramaturgy signed by the screenwriter Gianmario Pagano and the actor Luigi Diberti, also sublime interpreter together with the double bass player Raffaele Toninelli, and directed by Francesco Frangipane. Also this show, which debuted at the Todi Festival 2021.Man with a flower in his mouth, a classic of Italian theatrical literature revisited by Francesco Zecca, also as a director; on stage an overwhelming Lucrezia Lante della Rovere. Show born within the All Scene project - The theater in the room for TvLoft del Fatto Quotidiano. These are some of the advances that will dot the Argot home program together with the other great novelty, strongly desired by the joint artistic direction signed by Tiziano Panici and Francesco Frangipane, with the collaboration of Pierfrancesco Pisani: the opening of the Argot Studio as a screening room for live show projects in Virtual Reality. The vocation of the Argot space has always been to experiment. And in fact, just before the lockdown, in February 2020,Argot was the first space in Rome to host a show entirely usable through Oculus Rift viewers. This bet was born from the collaboration with Gold Productions, an avant-garde project conceived by Omar Rashid, Pierfrancesco Pisani and Elio Germano. With the same title Argot Studio will reopen its doors to the public in autumn 2021: on October 21st the projections of the show Segnale d'Allarme - My battle VR, signed by Elio Germano and Omar Rashid, written with Chiara Lagani and interpreted by Germano himself will be resumed: a dystopian show that renders, in its virtual version, all its bewildering rawness involving the public in a totally immersive and subtly psychological participation game. The screenings will be scheduled from Thursday to Saturday, at 20: 30 and on Sunday at 17: 30.Precisely for this new programming choice Argot Studio has equipped itself with 60 Oculus Rift devices that can be used to full capacity and that will allow us to celebrate this imminent reopening together with our public, which will allow us to be closer again. Rome will have its first theatrical hall with a program entirely dedicated to experimentation between live entertainment and virtual immersive experience. To follow, other absolute novelties in VR will be presented during the season, always co-produced and created by Gold Productions, including: There was a Vault of Ondadurto Teatro: an eccentric festival that revolves entirely around the spectator, telling the tales of the past in their darkest and most disturbing version. The project, hosted by the Argot Studio, will be included in the program of "Drag me UP" - Queer Festival dedicated to the fluidity of genre and also directed by Ondadurto teatro. So it is (or I think) - Pirandello in VR imagined, adapted and directed by Elio Germano, who this time uses an extraordinary cast to give life to one of the most unsettling works of the great Italian author, completely renovating it: Elio Germano, Gaetano Bruno, Serena Barone, Michele Sinisi, Natalia Magni, Caterina Biasiol, Daniele Parisi, Maria Sole Mansutti, Gioia Salvatori, Marco Ripoldi, Fabrizio Careddu, Davide Grillo, Bruno Valente, Lisio Castiglia, Luisa Bosi, Ivo Romagnoli. The project, created with Infinito in co-production with the Teatro della Toscana Foundation and hosted at the Romaeuropa Festival in the Digital Life section, will be rescheduled exclusively at the Argot Studio at the beginning of the new year. There will be special projects, including the return of In Altre Parole - International Review of contemporary dramaturgy conceived and directed by Pino Tierno and curated by Argot, which hosts authors from all over the world every year and is produced, for this edition, in collaboration with the cultural institutes and embassies of Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Quebec, Israel. This year we will return to present the unpublished texts in the presence but we will continue to broadcast the evenings also in streaming from the social channels of Argot Studio, thanks also to the renewed collaboration with Theatron 2.0, which took care of keeping alive and renewing the communication of Casa Argot even during the time spent without the presence of our audience. The OVER - Theater Emergencies project will also return, which last year awarded the prize to the company Hosteria Fermento, a young Roman under 35 formation formed by the Montesano brothers, which will see the light in the year 2022; OVER will relaunch its action by hosting 4 new companies in residence and participating in the protection and realization of the Cantiere Risonanze Award, national network for the protection of under 30s, hosting the show Bozzoli by the Créature Ingrate ensemble, formed by the directors and performers Silvia Torri and Rita Giacobazzi. To conclude, Argot Studio will again also be a space open to training and innovation and will open its season of internships and workshops with a workshop dedicated to dramaturgy led by Gabriele di Luca of the Carrozzeria Orfeo company. Among the novelties of this year is that the season will be revealed month by month: it will therefore be possible to know the dates, programming times and information by following our social channels and our website and purchasing tickets and cards also online, consulting the titles that will be launched from time to time. What we are giving you, therefore, is only the line-up of our program which will be further enriched by the great protagonists of the contemporary theatrical scene who will return to live in our Casa Argot this year.

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