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Silvia Filippi

Locality: Zagarolo (Rome) Region: Lazio
from: 4 November 2023
from: 25 November 2023

ART "CONVERGENCES" BETWEEN ITALY AND FRANCE. The International Art Exhibition entitled "Convergences" features more than 150 artists, both Italian and French, selected by a qualified jury and presented in the seventeenth-century spaces of the historic Latium mansion, of which it is fabled had 365 rooms for the Colonna family, and which houses the magnificent Demoanthropological Toy Museum, the largest in Europe in historical premises. The initiative is an essential step that renews the glorious artistic tradition that in history has always united France and Italy by cultural, historical and social affinities, the result of the close collaboration between Philippe Rat's "Salon d'Arts Plastiques de La Rochelle" and the Cultural Association STUDIOZERO that runs the Roman Gallery of Modern Art "Purificato. Zero, " under the wise care of Pino Purificato. The interconnection of each other's activities, developed with quality and success over the years, is the nodal point of the collaboration that intends to emphasize internationality as a reason of involvement for the growth of the proposed artists together with great masters of the 20th century. Among them we highlight the presence of Franz Borghese, Achir Brahim, Ettore De Conciliis, Elena and Giovanni Tommasi Ferroni, Alessandro Kokocinski, Franco Fortunato, Alfonso and Giovanni Omiccioli, Sandro Bini and many others. Guests of honor will be Ennio Calabria and Enrico Benaglia, two giant personalities of contemporary art who will welcome the public together with the President of Palazzo Rospigliosi Colonna, Andrea Celeste Pironti, and the first citizen of Zagarolo, Emanuela Panzironi, for a tour of discovery of the seventeenth-century palace. A syntony of intentions and visions unites the two promoters of "Convergences, " 'who preserve this ancient contact between the two nations through a concrete creative and operational process, which enhances that intimacy that only Art can grant with its feeling and depth, even in the face of a world in trouble. From the Renaissance to Classicism, from Impressionism to Art Nouveau, from Conceptualism to Surrealism, from Futurism to Contemporary Art, numerous Italian and French art movements have left their mark in their time in Roman abbeys, Gothic cathedrals, contemporary art museums and landscapes that have always been a source of inspiration for artists in a parallel alternation of famous and fundamental currents. And even today they continue to run together, as already reaffirmed in the Treaty of Enhanced Cooperation, signed on November 26,2021 at the Quirinale in Rome, which states that "recognizing the depth of the cultural ties between the two countries and their importance in the friendship that unites them, the Parties strengthen cooperation between Italian and French institutions, cultural bodies and artists. In this spirit, they promote exchanges of experience, mobility of people, research and training. They shall establish exchange programs of excellence between art schools and for art professions, " and that "the Parties shall intensify collaboration in the cultural and creative industries. They undertake to facilitate co-productions of cultural works. And to consider the possibility of their distribution through a common cultural platform. They shall encourage mutual participation in major events of international significance. " Cheering up the opening on Nov. 4 will be French Champagne and the captivating folk suggestions of the iconic singer Lavinia Mancusi, who will perform in an engaging performance entitled "A Cruda Voz, " accompanied by Mauro Menegazzi and his accordion, so as to also melt glances into the color and beauty that the rooms and works hosted will offer to the qualified audience of the evening. Also on the opening day, exhibition prizes in France will be awarded to the best Italian artists and exhibition prizes in Italy to the French, thanks also to the participation of the major French sponsor Le Géant des Beaux-Arts. Art will not stop, the triumph of culture is the hope we still have to divert that train of hate that is running at high speed through countries, cities and our lives. Italy and France have always traveled art throughout the centuries as a sure road to human salvation. Francesco Zero

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