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WORKSHOP Con Claudio E Paolo Ladisa

Locality: Rome Region: Lazio
from: 25 November 2023
from: 25 November 2023

GROW FIT TIBURTINA gym presents WORKSHOP 25 NOVEMBER 2023 with Claudio and Paolo Ladisa verticalism, stretching, calisthenics, muscle strengthening. The workshop with Claudio and Paolo Ladisa takes place over 2 hours with an integral program that combines stretching and handstand exercises. Stretching is a practice that allows you to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints, while handstand is an acrobatic skill that requires strength, balance and mobility. Objective: Improve body flexibility and strength. Class open to all amateurs and professionals Age There are no limits Who are Claudio and Paolo Ladisa Two figures of extraordinary talent in the world of performing arts, stand as multifaceted artists, choreographers and teachers. Their art is a combination of limitless creativity and endless passion. He defines them in one word: artists. Two multidisciplinary choreographers, among the pioneers in Italy in the vision of an artistic fusion between different disciplines, have accumulated rich experience in multiple artistic fields during a prolific and long-lasting career in the world of entertainment. Their extraordinary journey is a tribute to art, passion and dedication, and their contribution to performance art will remain a source of inspiration for future generations. Grow Fit Gym Tiburtina Via Ugo Pesci 16 Information and reservations 064386474

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