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Presentation Of The Novel Io, Blu E Rosso At

Locality: Rome Region: Lazio
from: 9 December 2023
from: 9 December 2023

Io, Blu e Rosso is a novel written by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher to crown thirty years of work as a teacher and theatrical animator in the therapeutic and clinical field, between recovery communities for drug addicts and mental health centers, particularly with adolescents. For this reason, adolescence will be the central theme of the presentation. In particular, in addition to theatrical narratives taken from the text of the book and the live musical accompaniment of a band, the performance will see the participation of people with whom the author has worked over time, including neuropsychiatrists, psychologists, educators and also other figures professional and otherwise, invite you to answer the following question: what did you understand about adolescence? All referring to one's adolescence, the one encountered in intimate and more personal spaces, and the one linked to professional and more formal relationships. The method of expression has obviously been left free and the same invitation will be addressed to the public present. On stage with the author there will be the theater actress Cecilia Moreschi, her partner in life, and the Band Carla senza di Noi (Roberto Moreschi on acoustic guitar, Orfeo Federici on bass and Vincenzo Coratella on percussion). Furthermore, as mentioned, the performance will see some special participations on various occasions including those of Chiara De Nicolo, Carolina Massaccesi, Alessandro Boserman, Riccardo Romano, Rossella Castaldo, Francesca Cristini, Ilaria Colonna, Luca Salvio, Eleonora Fiorenza, Claudia Lilli, Andrea Poliseno and others, with the aim of trying to answer the above question together. From the synopsis of the book: Simona is a woman who has a desire common to many of us: to feel better. Not generally good, or even great, just better than before. To do this she decided to take charge of the salvation of two teenagers, similar and similar very different at the same time. With great effort and above all personal investment, the protagonist of this story accompanies her clients along the difficult journey towards awareness and delves more and more into the dynamics in the two families until every secret emerges. Above all, what binds her inextricably to each of the other actors on stage. It will be painful at times, but in the end it will have been right. Because the truth, only the truth is what can lead us to the objective that matters, as stated at the beginning. Feeling better than before. Più libri più liberi: Fiera Nazionale della Piccola e Media Editoria Convention center "La Nuvola" Edizioni Bette - Stand Editori Veneti (L25)

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