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BBQ Expo

Locality: Brescia Region: Lombardy
from: 5 April 2024
from: 8 April 2024

BBQ EXPO Cooking Outdoors FROM 05 TO 08 APRIL 2024 BRESCIA FAIR – Via Caprera, 5 Brixia Forum - ITALY BBQ EXPO – Outdoor Cooking – 1st edition: the first and only event in Italy entirely dedicated to the fascinating world of barbecue and its infinite facets. A salon entirely dedicated to the discovery of a constantly evolving form of cooking characterized by countless specific cooking equipment and techniques and accompanied by a universe of useful and necessary accessories for outdoor cooking. A unique opportunity to discover and delve into the world of modern barbecue, which goes far beyond the simple concept of grilling, and come into contact with consolidated professionals in the sector, both Italian and foreign. From manufacturers of professional, semi-professional and consumer equipment to suppliers and retailers of kitchen accessories. From companies dedicated to fuels and raw materials used for cooking, to activities dedicated to the production and trade of condiments. Kettle, kamado, trolley, cassonati, bullet smoker, cabinet, gravity, offset and drum smoker, rotisserie and more. Knives, cutting boards, smokers, lava rocks, spices, sauces, gin, fine cuts of meat and fuel, to name a few. Four days of the event during which it will be possible to discover how the products work even with an open flame, participate in mini courses, workshops, official competitions and exciting moments of show cooking held by highly qualified pitmasters. The fair offers the opportunity to directly purchase the products on display. BBQ Expo: takes place simultaneously with the third edition of Cosmogarden, the Italian trade fair dedicated to the design, construction, furnishing and maintenance of indoor and outdoor green spaces. One entrance, two fairs, many experiences to live. Dates: from 05 to 08 April 2024 Hours: FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY 09.30 – 19.00 MONDAY 9.30am – 5.30pm FAIR OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Online ticket: €12 Location: BRESCIA FAIR - BRIXIA FORUM Navigator coordinates: VIA CAPRERA, 5 - BRESCIA Telephone for information: +39 030 9523919 Fax: +39 030 9958441 Email: info@bbqexpo. It Website: https: //bbqexpo. It/ Facebook: https: //www. Facebook. Com/bbqexpoit/ Instagram: https: //www. Instagram. Com/bbqexpo/

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