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Drawing Challenge: Draw What You See Eg

Locality: San Giuliano Milanese (Milan) Region: Lombardy
from: 16 September 2023
from: 16 October 2023

On the occasion of the 2023 Drawing Festival we are launching the drawing challenge Draw What You See for 30 days! In the drawing challenge you will have to draw the proposed subjects from life (not from a photo, not from the screen, not even from a book). A method that leads to paying attention to details, activating all the senses and rediscovering the intensity of what surrounds us. Sign up, receive subjects to draw every day, share your work with #DQCV30.ONLY ONE RULE: DRAW FROM LIFE! Participate only in the challenge or add the free workshop near Milan, starting from Monday 18 September 2023,receive the subjects to draw by email every day, for 30 days. Publish your works with the official hashtag #DQCV30.By registering for the challenge, you also receive the link to the free webinar on 17 September at 11: 00 to build the special sketchbook we designed for the occasion (and the materials to prepare to create it with us) Or take part in the free workshop in person on 16 SEPTEMBER in San Giuliano Milanese Build the special sketchbook that we have designed for you with the papers made available by Fabriano and you will have a precious creative ally for this drawing challenge, ready to welcome your daily drawing also inspired by the different papers. The workshop lasts about an hour and it is possible to participate throughout the day, 8 people at a time. Once we have received your registration request, we will fix your arrival time, so that everyone can work smoothly.

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