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Ascension And Descension: A Lebanese Dawn

Locality: Milan Region: Lombardy
from: 21 September 2023
from: 22 October 2023

The Maiocchi15 gallery opens on Thursday 21 September, from 7pm in via Achille Maiocchi 15 in Milan, the exhibition “Ascesa, Descent: A Lebanese Dawn”, exhibition personal exhibition of the works of Rami Lazkani, a young artist and architect who lives and works in Milan. About fifteen unique works by the Tripoli artist will be displayed in the exhibition, made in acrylic on canvas. Furthermore, during the vernissage the painter will create a performance by painting live among the visitors, who will thus be able to observe the taking its fascinating and dense universe composed of streets, alleys and houses. Lazkani's work focuses on interpretation, between perception and memory, of his native land, Lebanon, and of the two main cities: Tripoli, with its rhythms lenses and the Ottoman character of the buildings, and Beirut, more cosmopolitan and influenced by many architectural movements. It combines the common thought of Lebanon as a chaotic place with his personal memories, which alternate moments of security with others of political and civil instability, thus capturing the essence and most identifying character of its place of origin, in a collective and personal observation at the same time. “Ascent, Descent: A Lebanese Dawn” is a journey into memory, an internal journey, almost a awareness experiment as he himself confesses. Just one detail and the memory of Lebanon re-emerges, more vivid than ever, to then find space on the canvas: “One day I woke up in my little home studio in Milan before usual, and it was dawn. Not just any dawn. It was a Lebanese dawn. I woke up and the sky was Lebanon. The wind was Lebanon. The temperature, humidity and rainfall was Lebanon. I woke up in Lebanon, I descended from myself and I rose in my painting” (Rami Lazkani). Inspired by the book “Le Città Invisibili” by Italo Calvino - which exposes his reflections about modern megacities through imaginative tales – and, above all, from surrealist description of Zenobia, in which he strongly sees her Tripoli, Lazkani translates onto canvas the intense Lebanese urban density - made up of many buildings, roads that intersect vortically and infinite stratifications of electric wires – through an almost abstract technique, which leaves no room for the apparent rigor. Lazkani does not photograph the urban landscape as it is, but frames it the atmosphere to transmit its intrinsic energy. Straight and curved lines, spread with a dense color, chase each other on the surface of his monochrome paintings. At first glance chaos seems to take over, but the observer will soon be able to unravel this confusion by recognizing one small house in one corner, a small road that goes up to the other side, a portico below: here emerges one of the invisible cities of the Lebanese artist, here emerges an evocation of a memory. “Where chaos occurred, where chaos happens, where chaos ascends, where the chaos descends, where chaos takes over, where chaos persists. My work is the witness of this. ” (Rami Lazkani).

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