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Fabio Sironi PARADE A Show Without A Plot

Locality: Milan Region: Lombardy
from: 22 February 2024
from: 9 March 2024

The exhibition presents a selection of works by the Milanese artist and illustrator as part of the PARADE project. The paintings and drawings range in different themes and techniques, drawing inspiration in their variety from an almost twentieth-century avant-garde parade. As Matteo Collura observed: “A theater of memory, whose title, Parade, already says that it is a show without a plot. Horses, coffee pots, fish, masks, fossils, shoes, paintings, photomontages, collages, photo retouching done on the computer tell the story like so many tireless storytellers - sometimes, and if we're lucky, with the notes of the author's saxophone as the soundtrack. The illustrations that Fabio Sironi creates for newspapers and books deserve a separate discussion; those created as a commentary on literary masterpieces such as Pinocchio and The Hound of the Baskervilles are unsurpassed. During the inauguration the artist will perform a performance of the "Teatro Fracking" cycle with musical intervention and participation of the public present. Fabio Sironi, illustrator, caricaturist, portraitist for publishing, performer artist. His is relevant long collaboration that began in 1987 with Corriere della Sera and on whose pages he "reinvented" reportage design. In this regard, we remember the Cogne trial and the trips together with Ettore Mo. 1992 Unicef Award for illustration at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. Since 2016 he has been involved in the Teatro Fracking project which sees the meeting between painting, music, video and which he has presented in numerous venues including the Peano Foundation in Cuneo, the MAGA Museum in Gallarate, Il Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan and the Sala Lucio Fountain of Comabbio (Va). For Luni publishing house he illustrated "The adventures of Pinocchio" in 2020.Also for the same publishing house in 2022 he published "One Hundred Faces of Words", a selection of one hundred portraits of literary figures, and in 2023 "The Hound of the Baskervilles" from the novel by A. C.Doyle. Inauguration Thursday 22 February, 6.00 pm Presentation Matteo Collura Via Cenisio, 50 – Milan Lazzaro Gallery Archive by Corsi Info: 02 36521958 Cocktail

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