Locality: Broni (Pavia) Region: Lombardy
from: 14 August 2020
from: 16 August 2020

T could be easy to write "as every year the Oltrepo Pavese Portal presents the proposals of August 15th", but in this year it becomes difficult to tell what the territory can offer, the Oltrepò Pavese, also in August is still difficult because after the peak health emergency, we are still going through a post-emergency period that still creates some fear. However, Oltrepò Pavese also has its advantages, to be visited on the weekend of August 2020,and also later in the season in September, the month of the vintage. Oltrepò Pavese, a territory not yet invaded by mass tourism, ideal for those looking for a quiet place where nature still occupies a lot of space, with many historical and cultural resources and an incomparable food and wine offer. An ideal destination for a tourist close to Milan, from Lombardy, from nearby Liguria, who will certainly be able to enjoy many free spaces. We at the Oltrepo Pavese Portal point out the structures that await you for Ferragosto, for the weekend of Ferragosto 2020,which will lead you to discover the area with attention and friendliness. Unfortunately, precisely because of the emergency, we could not report many public events as in previous years precisely for the post-emergency period.

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