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InCanto Baroque Festival

Locality: Scicli (Ragusa) Region: Sicily
from: 6 September 2023
from: 30 September 2023

The Baroque heritage of Scicli, its history, its culture intertwine within InCanto Barocco Festival for the richness of the contents, for the typical virtuosity of Baroque music, for the particularity of the locations where the single concerts take place, for the skill of the performing artists of the individual concerts, for their ability to act as a cultural glue between the territory, the community and tourism. Organized by maestro Marcello Giordano Pellegrino (founder and artistic director of InCanto Barocco Festival) the Festival also had the patronage of the MINISTRY of CULTURE in 2022 given to national and international events for the high cultural and artistic value of the contents. For this noble purpose, InCanto Barocco Festival thus becomes an instrument of connection between the artistic landscape of the Baroque of Scicli, a Unesco heritage site since 2002,the life and personal experience of its founder and creator, and that communicative idea of beauty and harmony that becomes interweaving between the artistic baroque of the monuments of Scicli and the sensations, images and pleasures that the musical notes of the concerts of the festival are able to give to the listener. The Festival includes five concerts which will see the presence of artists of the highest level making their debut in concert on the occasion of this third edition such as: - MARTINO LURANI CERNUSCHI, ANDREA BACCHETTI, BASILIO TIMPANARO, ELISABETTA GUGLIELMIN, GIULIO FALZONE, IRENE LURASCHI AND SEBASTIANO CRISTALDI.

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