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XXVII Edition Of The Medieval Festival Of SIG

Locality: Signa (Florence) Region: Tuscany
from: 6 September 2024
from: 7 September 2024

Many hours of entertainment, about two hundred artists and extras involved in various types of performances: historical reenactments, fights, street artists, music, dance and theatrical incursions. The Medieval Festival of Signa will also be confirmed for 2024 as one of the most followed events of the Tuscan summer. Born in 1995,after 30 years it is still capable of involving the inhabitants of the Castle and the numerous associations present in the area, to organize the many shows offered by this medieval-style festival. Dozens of events will animate the heart of the Castle of Signa, a dive into the past that will not fail to give strong emotions to adults and children, who will watch artists, dances and more. You can attend the reenactment of the fire of the Torre di Settentrione (dating back to 1397). Visitors will be captivated by the fire games and the performances on stage in the streets of the village. A mix of sounds, images and shows dedicated to even the little ones, who will fully enjoy the atmosphere that was felt inside an ancient medieval village, listening to storytellers or visiting the corners of the village that host jugglers and acrobats. A cultural and fun experience that will also provide emotions at the table: the thousands of guests will taste the local gastronomic specialties prepared by the Castellani in the various refreshment points located in the ancient village. On the same evening, don't miss the Historical Parade of Signa, along the streets of Castello, which will culminate at the Giardino dell'Edera where the challenge of the Archers of the four Peoples of Signa will take place. It should be noted that this year the donations that will be made at the entrance of the Medieval Festival 2024 will go to the ACCOGLIENZA FAMIGLIE project of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital. Specifically, a part of the offerings will go to Casa Don Lelio, Meyer Referent in our territory. On Saturday 7 September, the Giardino dell’Edera del Castello will host a large Medieval Dinner. Dances, medieval-themed shows, music, and artists of various kinds will accompany the various dishes, all strictly in use at the time (entrance, including dinner and show: €40.00 adults - €10.00 children), culminating with the burning of the North Tower, a suggestive surprise show. Three hours of intense fun where the wine will flow as if it were raining. This is the Tuscany that tourists seek, but also the citizens themselves, who every year flock to the narrow streets of the ancient medieval village. The real show will in fact be the public, made up of families, children, Italian and foreign tourists, fans of historical reenactment events. The Medieval Festival confirms itself as an important cultural event, a virtuous example of collaboration between the municipal administration, local associations, Pro loco first and foremost, and residents. Over the years, thanks to coherent planning, Signa has earned itself an image as a place of art and culture that we intend to consolidate by promoting cultural and sustainable tourism and a qualified tourism development model that guarantees positive economic benefits for the entire supply chain.

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