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Luigi Cesaroni

Locality: Treviso Region: Veneto
from: 10 November 2023
from: 29 February 2024

The XXIII 2024 edition of the San Paolo Literary Prize, promoted by the NOI San Paolo Association of Treviso, is at the starting line. From primary school children to third and fourth age grandparents, everyone is asked to try their hand at a poem or a story on the theme of water: emotions and stories that talk about water either as a source of life or as a primary resource or as cause of misfortune and adversity. You have until 29 February 2024 to send the works. The awards ceremony is scheduled for Saturday 25 May 2024 in the auditorium of the Santa Caterina Museum in Treviso. The competition is divided into four sections: A) Story B) Poetry C) Poetry in a Triveneto dialect D) Section reserved for primary and secondary school students. All information on how to participate and the prizes at www. Premioletterariosanpaolo. It

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