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The Islands Of Yoga 2024

Locality: Lampedusa (Bologna) Region: Emilia - Romagna
from: 13 July 2024
from: 20 July 2024

STARTING FROM €620 Yoga retreat on the island of Lampedusa from 13 to 20 July - THE ISLANDS OF YOGA 2024 Discover the magic of Lampedusa, the largest island of the Pelagians off the coast of Sicily, where white beaches and crystal clear waters create an ideal atmosphere for a relaxing holiday. Imagine walking on the famous Rabbit Beach, one of the most beautiful in the world, while the island itself reflects the unique meeting between Africa and Europe. In this fascinating place you can immerse yourself in an experience of well-being and harmony with the morning practice of hatha yoga, meditation and dynamic practice. Accessible to all levels, with a focus on the fluidity of the body, where I will guide you as a yoga instructor through an in-depth exploration of the vast landscape of yoga, spanning theories, schools, techniques, details, nuances, chakras and breaths. Welcome to a journey that combines the beauty of Lampedusa with yoga practice, offering an experience of well-being and harmony. YOGA PRACTICE PROGRAM * Morning lessons of three hours each. * I start with a 30 minute meditation session * After an hour's break, hatha yoga is practiced in static and dynamic versions. * The yoga strap will be provided to facilitate learning the positions. * Personalized guidance will be provided for both beginners and advanced users. * Standing and sitting exercises, including retroflex, inverted and twisting. * Dynamic phase with movements inspired by Vinyasa and Sun Salutation. * Particular focus on the cohesion and balance of the body anatomy. * Couple exercises. * Dedication of time to pranayama breathing exercises. * Practices of visualizing the colors associated with the chakras for meditation and relaxation. THE YOGA INSTRUCTOR My name is Alberto Mazzanti and I have been a yoga instructor for over twenty years. The practice of this ancient discipline represents for me a continuous path of growth, both as a teacher and as an individual. In addition to guiding people in the nuances of yoga, my primary commitment is to provide an authentic and transformative experience. My dissemination of yoga is based on listening carefully to the individual needs of each practitioner, with respect for their lives, habits and priorities. The practice of yoga goes beyond the simple sequence of poses; it is an internal journey that involves mind, body and spirit. In my daily life, I strive to inspire self-love and acceptance, going beyond achieving ideal physical shape. With this holiday in Lampedusa, I am here to guide you in a unique experience, where the serenity of the island blends harmoniously with the practice of yoga. In this context, spaces are created dedicated to reflection, connection and the achievement of profound well-being. PACKAGES (from 13 to 20 July) STARTING FROM €620 PER PERSON The yoga holiday program features packages available, with flights from Bologna, Bergamo and Verona. You can still choose to travel independently or make a booking with the flight option. The yoga holiday takes place in the charming La Roccia Camping Village, with exclusive access to the Cala Greca beach for all guests. The accommodations, which include studios and two-room apartments, are made of stone and can accommodate up to 4 people and are complete with bathroom, shower and fully equipped kitchenette. Furthermore, the village has several accommodation options, including chalets, bungalows and camping options, to satisfy all needs. A car, motorbike and bicycle rental service is available, as well as a return transfer from Lampedusa airport. Accommodations include spacious rooms with sea views, at affordable prices for triple rooms. The offer for a stay in a 3-seater studio apartment or a 4-seater two-room apartment with separate beds + yoga is €620,while the flight + stay + yoga package is available at €000.To find out the details on the prices of single and double rooms, we invite you to contact us directly. For free, when you request information, you will receive two online yoga lessons to start your yoga wellness journey from home with me. THE ISLANDS OF YOGA 2024 This yoga holiday in Ventotene is part of the "THE ISLANDS OF YOGA 2024" program organized by A. S.D Nataraja and curated by Alberto Mazzanti. In addition to the enchanting island of Lampedusa, we offer you the opportunity to also participate in yoga holiday experiences on the island of VENTOTENE from 29 June to 04 July 2024 or from 27 July to 02 August on the island of ELBA. For further details and reservations, do not hesitate to request information. * Email: yogaalby@gmail. Com * Calls and Whatsapp: 338 7667187

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