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International Troy Festival Official Poster C

Locality: Pomezia (Rome) Region: Lazio
from: 13 March 2024
from: 30 May 2024

From August 9th to 13th in Çanakkale, the Turkish city twinned with Pomezia, the International Troy Festival will take place. The festival, now in its 61st edition, will be rich in events: concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, interviews, sports initiatives, activities for children, etc. For the occasion, the Municipality of Çanakkale is organizing a competition for the creation of the official posters of the event. The competition is open to all interested parties above 18 years of age. Three proposals will be awarded: the winning poster will receive 20,000 Turkish Lira (approximately 600 euros), while the two special mentions will each receive the sum of 5,000 Turkish Lira (approximately 150 euros). For any winning artists from abroad, transportation, meals, and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Municipality of Çanakkale. The award ceremony will take place on August 10th within the evocative archaeological area of Troy, a UNESCO site since 1998.The administration of Çanakkale has asked "Viaggio O Son Desta? " to promote the initiative also in Pomezia and in Italy, to strengthen friendship ties by sharing ideas and creativity. You can submit your project by Thursday, May 30,2024.Attached is the poster, while the complete regulations can be found at the following link (the file is in English): https: //www. Canakkale. Bel. Tr/file/606/qximYiEN17OcGHh9GydOirC8sSMy2nXF. Pdf

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