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Bordino Grand Prix

Locality: Alessandria Region: Piedmont
from: 7 June 2024
from: 9 June 2024

The passion for vintage cars and the visit of lake Maggiore will be at the base of the 32nd edition of Grand Prix Bordino: an event at the very top of slow tourism in places, where history and nature intertwine. An historic motor car meeting to be staged entirely in a period theme, an immersive celebration of iconic cars and fashion. Lago Maggiore, surrounded by prealps and casket of unique jewels such as Borromee Islands, has inspired men of letter, writers, musicians from all around Europe, who, between 800 and 900 chose it for their journeys. Among the best known Stendhal, Byron Dumas senior, Flobert, Dickens, Nietzsche, Dostoevskiy, Liszt and Wagner. They all appointed Lago Maggiore as the most pleasant lake in the world. We will go on an enchanting cruise by night of the Borromee Islands, living the magic atmosphere of the lake from a privileged point of view. Dinner will be in a typical restaurant on Isola Bella, the most fashinating of all the islands. We will visit Villa Taranto in Pallanza, considered one of the richest botanic garden in the world with its thousands of species - eucalyptus, azalea, rhododendron, magnolia, maple, camelia and dahlia, stretching over an area measuring 16 hectars. And then again the visit of two other pearls set between the hills of northern Piedmont: lake Mergozzo and lake Orta, considered among the most romantic in Italy. Don’t miss this edition where tourism, culture, food and wine mix at the highest level to give birth to Grand Prix Bordino 2024.

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