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Locality: Caorle (Venice) Region: Veneto
from: 10 May 2024
from: 1 September 2024

The Municipal Administration of Caorle, in collaboration with the MV Arte agency of Vicenza, presents the exhibition “Basquiat, Haring, Banksy: the international and mysterious world of Street Art” which will be held at the A. Bafile Cultural Center from 10 May to 01 September 2024.The exhibition, curated by Matteo Vanzan, will tell the story of the evolution of a language which, like a karst river, appears and disappears, leaving unmistakable traces of its passage on walls all over the world. The protagonists of the exhibition will be the works of those who, from the 70s to today, are considered among the main spokespersons of an international expression that has united entire generations: Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Delta 2 and Arte di Frontiera, D *Face, Dolk, Evyrein, Stelios Faitakis, John Fekner, KayOne, Keith Haring, Logan Hicks, JR, Mike Giant, Mr. Brainwash, Nasty, Obey, Seen, Slog 175,Sten and Lex, Swoon, Taki 183,Vhils, Mr. Wany and many more. Over 70 works presented come from Italy, Spain, France, England and the United States in an alternation of works on canvas, wood, paper, signed serigraphs, posters, memorabilia as well as a selection of preparatory drawings provided directly by the artists selected after over two years of research and granted exclusively to the Municipality of Caorle (Ve) with the aim of investigating Street Art from its birth to the present day, understanding its evolutions and meanings.

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